Svaneti Quick Travel Guide

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When to Go.
The best time to visit Svaneti is between mid-May and mid-October. Getting there in winter is quite complicated due to possible road closures caused by snow. However, weather permitting, it is still possible to get there by a shuttle van.
How to reach Svaneti.
- Shuttle Van. Travel time: 9 hours from Tbilisi. Fare: $18.
- Taxi. Much more expensive, but faster and more comfortable.
- Plane. There are flights from Kutaisi, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Fare: Free for Georgia citizens, for tourists around GEL 60.
- Train. To Zugdidi only, then take the shuttle van.
- Helicopter. Direct flights from Tbilisi to Svanetia. Fare: around GEL 50, however there is no stable timetable available.
There are boutique hotels and guest houses available.
Hotels are located in Mestia and Ushguli.
Guest Houses are located in the following villages: Latali, Lengeri, and also in Mestia and Ushguli.
Approximate fares:
In Latali you could expect to spend around $25 per day for an accommodation in a guest rioom, including 3 meals.
Mestia prices are approximately twice as expensive.
The food is mostly locally made and is very tasty. There are unique local spices that make the local dishes quite a culinary experience.
We can always cater for vegetarians as well.
What to See .
- Museum
- Svan Towers
- Medieval churches, that hold ancient Byzantine and Georgian icons and frescos.
- Explore local ancient gold mining techniques
- Latali Choir – a local choir that performs unique and ancient Svan song
- Explore and admire beautiful and pristine local nature, including snow-capped mountains Ushba, Tetnuld and Shkhara.
- Walking Tours available, daily or with overnight camping gear, to high mountain churches that offer breathtaking views to the whole Caucasus mountains.
- Horseback riding tours.
- Travel to the highest inhabitable village in Europe – Ushguli village. It lies in the alpine meadows at the bottom of the Shkhara mountain and is in fact an open air museum. It has the famous Queen Tamar Tower. There are guided tours to Ushguli, the approximate travel costs are: Guide - $20 per day, car - $120, if there is a group booking the fare will be reduced. Local choir performance - $40, but there are chances that one coud see their free performance as well,

We advise that the minimum stay in Svaneti is three days, so one can experience the most of the local culture and the unique environment,

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