Cultural tour

We accept requests for the tour.
Tentative date of the tour in 2013
Dates may change.

Duration: 4 days
Cost per person: $ 450 (when the group consists of 6 persons)
To feel people you need to spend with them as much time as possible. Svaneti is not only towers and mountains, it is also a nation that traces its history back to very ancient times. In small remote villages people have kept the old way of life, which consists of daily homework. You can become not be a bystander, but a participant, touching the lost in time time life of the highlanders. You have a unique opportunity to visit the traditional Svan holidays celebrated in various communities. Tour dates are calculated so that you could participate in one of the holidays.
Day 1
This day is dedicated to exploring the musical culture of Svan. On horseback you will go to one of the oldest villages in Svaneti - Lahuzhdi. Where you will try to play the Svan instruments chunir and changi. You will learn Svan songs, which date back to the 12th century. Can learn the world-famous Svan perkhuli.
Day 2
In accordance with calendar of Svan holidays:
May the 6th - Georgoba – all-Georgian festival is celebrated in all the communities of Svaneti.
July the 16-20th - Hulish – Mectia, Becho community
July the 28th  - Kvirikoba  - Kala community
October the 5th  - Lataloba – Latali community
Day 3
A day in the Svan daily life. You will be able to participate in all home affairs. Chop wood and heat the oven. See how homemade Svan lavash is baked, cook suluguni. Have an opportunity to feed domestic animals (cows, pigs, chickens). And after a busy work you will participate in a family lunch. Acquaintance with everyday life is inseparably linked with the acquaintance with the craft. You will visit a school of crafts in Latali, take part in making Svan hats, tapestry, watch the process of manufacturing cloisonne enamel, which is an ancient Georgian art. You will also visit the museum of a famous Georgian mountain climber and photographer Guram Tikanadze.
Day 4
On this day you will be able to visit different museums of Svaneti. House-Museum of Michal Khergiani – a famous Svan mountain climber. Traditional Svan housing estate of the Margiani family in old Lanchvali area. Open-air museum - Ushguli, where you can visit the ethnographic museum and the medieval church.
Please note: the duration and cost of the tour is calculated without taking into account the Tbilisi-Svaneti and Tbilisi. For you, we can choose any convenient and cost-efficient way.

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