Familiarization tour

Duration: 2 days
Cost per person: $ 195 (when the group consists of 6 persons)

skype lile-tour
+995 599 13 40 11

You don’t have much time, and want to visit different regions of Georgia? We offer a two-day familiarization tour to Svaneti. During this time you will be able to visit the most popular places and form a picture of this mountainous corner, so that next time you could stay here longer.
 Day 1
Arrival, accommodation in Laleta guesthouse.
Tour to the Latali community.
Return to the guesthouse.
Day 2
Sightseeing of the villages Lendzheri and Mestia.
Trip to Ushguli.
Return to the guesthouse.
Folklore evening.
Day 3
Departure from the guest house.

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