May tour to Svaneti

In May, Svaneti is quiet and beautiful. Everything is awakening after the winter's sleep. The river is noisy and runs with unimaginable speed and becomes white. Peaks are still covered with snow and in the background there are flowering cherry trees and they look fabulous. Fresh grass begins to cover the land. Warm afternoon sun and the blue sky add to a spring landscape fantasy. If you have an opportunity to visit Svaneti this time, our high-mountainous region of Georgia will always be in your heart.

Day 1.
Walk through the village.
Day 2.Horseback riding in the mountains.
Day 3.
Jeep ride to the highest mountain village in Europe - Ushguli within the area of protected sites of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Day 4.

A folklore evening - available per guests' request - is one filled with old songs, performed in Svan language, with a friendly table covered with most delicious dishes representative of the Svan cuisine.

Price: USD 163 per person (in group 7 people)

Date: In any time in the May.

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