Culture-rural tour

To feel the spirit of the country you need plunge into traditional life of people. Svaneti is not only the mountains and svans towers. It is a nation with a history more than 3 000 year.
In the small villages people saved traditional lifestyle, which consists of daily homework.
You can to participate, can touch to lost time home of the highlanders.

Tour duration: 4 days
Cost for 1 person (group of 5 persons): 360 usd

1st day
A day in the svanetian weekdays. Participate in all homely duties: hewers of wood, heat up oven, cook suluguni. You can bake a bread, milk a cow, feed a livestock. And after eventful day, have a lunch with the family.
You will visit the School of Crafts in Latali. Participate in the manufacture of hats, look at how do enamels, an ancient Georgian art. Visit the Guram Tikanadze’s museum, the mountaineer and photographer.

2nd day
Trekking rout to the mountain Guli. near peak Ushba.

3rd day
Introduction with a musical culture of Svaneti. On horseback you will go to oldest village Lakhuzhdi. There you can play on the ancient music instruments CHUNIR and CHANGI. Will learn svanetian songs, dates back to 12 century. Can learn svanetian PERKHULI.

4th day
Car tour to the highland villages: Mulakhi. Ipari, Kala, Ushguli. Visiting of medieval churches and villages.

Attention: this is exclusive tour, offer LILE agency only. Beware of imitations.
The tour price does not include the Tbilisi-place in Tbilisi. For you we picking individual way (bus, car, airplane).

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