the future of Svaneti

"Remember: the future of Svaneti is in transition to cattle breeding, in a dairy farming and tourism development, in the device of resorts, balneal stations". Silvestr Naveriani (30th years of the XX-th century).
Why we so quickly forget right words and thoughts and long time we go somewhere aside then again to return back.
Earlier each family had 5-7 cows, not because grasses grow up more. People worked more and understood the importance for them agriculture.
Now hotels are under construction. To construct hotel is not the big problem if you have means (which at foreign investors much). But know, they face what present problem, also as well as owners of numerous guest houses? They do not suffice svanetian natural products. Cheese, milk, oil, sour cream, meat is all either brought in or scarce. And meanwhile, for example, Ushguli is in the Alpine zone. Remember advertising of chocolates about the best Alpine milk. We have this milk, and products from it are not present.
It is necessary to begin changes and to begin with it is required not so much. For example, to make roads to places, where a grass in a considerable quantity. And local will go and will bring to itself of more hay and will plant more cows.

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