GREEN TOUR to Svaneti

Carefully preserved nature, a quiet environment, the chance to escape from the city and discover the spase and culture of the mountainous Svaneti region of Georgia

Lasts 5 days.
Cost of the trip for 1 person( in a group of 5 persons) - 435 USD

First day
Horse riding to mountain lake, near the village of Iphi with breathtaking views and many ancient buildings
Visit to school of Applied Arts and Crafts in Latali village.
Opportunity to parcipiate in the manufacture of Svan hats, tapestries, rugs made by hand, look at how to make enamel (cloisonne), an ancient Georgian Art.
Visit the museum of famous georgian alpinist and photographer Guram Tikanadze

Second day
Walking to numerous underground mineral springs in pass Becho & visit village Maser
A trip to the Mestia places, visited the ethnographic museum, an ancient Svan home

Third day
Tour of the Latali & walk in Lahuzhdi village.
Take in the medievial highlands church - Tangili (IX century)
Visit an acient Svan houses, the ruins of ancestral homes Pardzhiani, one of the most famous old families in Latali.
Here on a clear day offers a wonderful views at the peak of Ushba.
Also provided "ART THERAPY" to feel the spirit and rhythm of Svaneti.
Drawings oil paintings outdoors,playing folk Svan musical instruments under the guidance of masters. The picture can be picked-up, or you can donate them to the G. Tikanadze museum for display.

Fourth Day
Trip to Mulakhi. The walking route to the glacier Tvibery
Duration of this trip - 6-7 hours.

Fifth Day
These villages have been always popular destination for tourist who were looking for wildlife and beautiful places
Ancient coins were found In the village Tavrali, wich are now stored in the Museum of Ethnography in Mestia.
SVAN TRADITIONAL MEAL (all dishes including vegetarian food ) are prepared from organic and healthy products

Warning: the duration and cost of the tour is calculated without taking into account the expenses of transportation Tbilisi-Svaneti-Tbilisi.
Our agency provides you with assistance in choosing any convenient and affordable mode of travel on this rote

This exclusive tour offered only by Lile - first tour operator in Svaneti.
Beware of imitations!

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