Summer tour to Svaneti. Story from our guest: To the mountains, a visit to the proud Swans

This story about a trip to Svaneti from our guests from Moscow. Thank you for coming and come back to us again!
Natalia (Russia):
Now very not enough summer, warmth, and something of the elusive tasty .. .... I am very happy that all my recent travel pass in places where I always want to come back later. So it was with Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Yemen...
Georgia here in a special place. Nowhere have I not been so good, fun, interesting, quiet (in the heartfelt) ... A cousin ... aaaaaaaa:) In Moscow, of course many restaurants of Georgian cuisine, but don’t find this cheese, bread .. this ... .. green, wine ... .
Time, unfortunately, there was little, but managed to go everywhere where planned, i.e. in Tbilisi, Svaneti, and three days at sea, in Adjara, in Kabuleti. Too many spontaneous decisions subsequently prove true, it happened at this time, with Svaneti. I feel an urge to trip to the mountains.
We held in Svaneti just two days, it certainly is not enough. We did not set themselves ambitious goals - to see everything. Two days - well, it means that we can then see.

more here in Russian

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