Unic svantian salt

Only from us you can buy real svanetian salt made from the natural ingredients that were grown more than 1500 meters above sea level.
The salt is made through a technology that is more than a thousand years old.
Our talented and experienced women who make this salt use oak mortars that are approximately 400 years old and have been passed down through many generations.
The svanetian salt is composed of a minimum of 8 ingredients: regular salt, coriander, garlic, utcho-suneli, yellow flower (it grows only in Svanetia), walnuts and others. This recipe has been passed down for generations to the women of one family and is a secret.
There are a variety of shipping methods, though usually we ship through EMS
Minimum purchase--500 grams
The cost of 100 grams – 2,7 USD

To order: liletour@gmail.com
skype: lile-tour 

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