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The hotel “Laleta” located in the community Latali (near Mestia). Our community is an ecological place with ancient culture, where living 400 families and here are 34 medieval churches, souvenir mini market, where tourists can buy a handmade product ancient Georgian handcraft.
In the community Latali was stay queen Tamara, when she was goes to summer residence in Ushguli, it was in 12 century. So, we invite you to touch to ancient svanetian way of life in the most beautiful place in the world.
“Laleta” is the traditional for 20 century house Svaneti, which was built from stone and wood 30 years ago. In our house are 5 rooms for guest on the second floor. Total number of bed is 12.

In the price include 2 meals for ecological svanetian products. You can taste traditional svanetian and georgian meals from ecological products. We try to do our guest house GREEN and ecological friendly, so we use bio-quality household chemistry.

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